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Stirrup Bending Machine

Stirrup Bending Machine Stirrup Bending Machine

Installation steps of stirrup bending machine

1. When the stirrup bending machine and straightener are installed together, the center line of the straightener must be found, and it should be in the same line with the bearing frame on the stirrup bending machine.

2. When using the stirrup bending machine, we should add lubricating oil to the oil spout and the gear of each bearing to prevent damage to the machine parts. In the future production process, oil should be added regularly.

3. Before the hydraulic system is used, check whether 46# or 32# hydraulic oil is injected or not. There are 2 sets of hydraulic systems in the equipment.

4. The power cord of this machine is four square coreless cable, of which three fire wires and one zero wire are connected with the expansion bolt of the frame.

5. After the power supply is connected, the steering of the motor of the oil pump should be adjusted.

6. When debugging the stirrup bending machine, we should first debug the empty machine by hand, test each station separately, and after confirming that there is no error, we can bend the steel bar.

How to improve the efficiency of stirrup bending machine

1. First of all, when we are operating the stirrup bending machine, we should ensure that the components are in normal working condition, the table of the worktable and the bending machine remain level, and we should check the mandrel block, ensure that the turntable can be free of damage and cracks. Before the normal processing, trial operation should be carried out.

2. During the operation, the bent end of the rebar should be inserted in the inherent gap of the turntable, the other end should be fixed by the body of machine and pressed by our hands. We can operate it after we have been sure that the bent end of the rebar was covered by one side of the rebar. When we are bending the rebar, it is forbidden to process rebar whose diameter, root number and mechanical speed exceeds these of the standard rebar specified by the machine. And this will not only cause damage to the components, but also shorten the service life.

3. In the operation of stirrup bending machine, it is strictly forbidden to stand in the working radius of the stirrup bending machine or near the side of the fuselage without fixed points. The curved semi-finished products should be stacked neat, the crooked hook must not go up, and the accident can be avoided. The semi finished products should be stacked neatly and the crooked hooks should not be turned upwards to avoid accidents.
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