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Try to Avoid the Wire Straightener Overwork

Try to Avoid the Wire Straightener Overwork Try to Avoid the Wire Straightener Overwork

Our company's wire straightener has a more reasonable structure design comparing to other straightening equipment, the style is more novel with no need to emphasize. The most important advantage is on the matter of dynamic factor, high power w/rk with excellent machinery, thus arouse the high efficiency of steel straightening machine naturally. As for the accessories, whether it is geared, straightening wheels, pressure rollers, cutters, castings or other parts, the raw materials of these above are more sophisticated, and the precision of production is more prominent.

The operation of wire straighteners in the construction sites is generally subject to supervision. If there are more wires to be processed, it is necessary to have the special personnel to arrange work. It needs to pull the ground wire from the right side of the wire straightener into the machined hole continuously, straighten the bent wire, and then place the straightened wire on the operating table of the bending machine, to process it into a stirrup, waiting for The crane to transport them to the building under construction. The work of wire straightening and molding is relatively a vast task. If there is a large demand for wire, you have to get thousands of products finished each day.

In this case, the operation of the wire straighteners might be overloaded. In fact, generally, it is not going to happen. But if it is under work 24 hours a day, no machine could stand it. Therefore, during the ordinary operation time, the staff members should take care to let the machine "buffer" while they themselves taking a break, otherwise, it will not be worth the loss once the malfunction happens.
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