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TJK Development in Intelligent Manufacturing

TJK Development in Intelligent Manufacturing TJK Development in Intelligent Manufacturing

Intelligent manufacturing is an important driver of economic transformation and an important direction of supply-side reform. In order to solve the contradiction between supply and demand, Tianjin actively makes smart factories and provides customized services to promote intelligent and flexible transformation of enterprises.

At the beginning of this year, TJK Machinery (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. had a good start with millions' orders from China railway and China construction systems. These two years, as the country continues to build up infrastructure such as high-speed rail, subway and other construction, the demands of intelligent and automatic machines increases as well. As the domestic machine intelligence level couldn't meet up with the production demand, and the imported machines are too expensive to be accepted by most construction companies, TJK decides to invest hundreds of millions (RMB) to develop high-end products that adapt to the market. The vice general manager of TJK Machinery (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. said: "in the construction industry, the labor force is tight and the artificial cost increases, through supply-side reform, we can offer many efficient and energy-saving bender and cutter machines for the market, and we have helped to reduce labor costs and improve their intelligence for lots of our customers."

At present, TJK Machinery have provided intelligent processing equipment for many important programs, such as Fujian Yongning expressway, Dalian nuclear power etc, and the market share up to 85%.
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