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Diagnosis Criterion for Failure of Rebar Bending Machine

Diagnosis Criterion for Failure of Rebar Bending Machine Diagnosis Criterion for Failure of Rebar Bending Machine

Diagnosis criterion for failure of rebar bending machine:

1. Outside first, and then inside

Rebar bending machine is a large equipment with many parts. The repair personnel should check one by one from the outside to the inside, and try to prevent arbitrary disassembly, otherwise, it will aggravate the fault, and the accuracy and the function of the equipment are declined.

2.Mechanical equipment first, and the electrical equipment

Generally speaking, mechanical defects are easy to detect, but the defects of CNC system are hard to detect. So before overhauling, we should first check mechanical defects in advance, so that we can get twice the result with half the effort.

3. Keep static first, and then move.

When the equipment stops running due to power failure, it can be electrified only after understanding, investigating, testing and analyzing the non-destructive faults. Under the condition of the machine running, carry out a dynamic investigation, check and test it, and find fault. For destructive problems, we must eliminate the risk first, and then we can be energized the equipment.

4.Deal with simple problems first and then deal with messy problems

When a variety of faults interlace with each other, we always cannot solve it quickly and easily. So we should deal with simple problems first and deal with difficult problems. After solving the simple problems, those difficult problems are easy to be solved.

In short, diagnosing equipment failure is generally easy first and then difficult.

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