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Matters Needing Attention When Debugging the Rebar Cutting Machine

Matters Needing Attention When Debugging the Rebar Cutting Machine Matters Needing Attention When Debugging the Rebar Cutting Machine

When we operate the rebar cutting machine, it is a key step to debug the rebar cutting machine, and it plays an important role in the production and processing of rebar. However, the reality is that many enterprises in order to be eager to produce, a one-sided pursuit of economic benefits and not pay enough attention to this key measure, and then buried a lot of hidden dangers for the following operation. Next we will briefly discuss the commissioning requirements of the rebar cutting machine.

When installing a rebar cutting machine, the machine should be placed on a flat foundation, and it is best to put some cushions in order to prevent the machine from shaking at high speed. The connection between the host and the slide is best on the same line, and then we should check whether the punch is connected to the cut or not. If it does not bite, we should adjust the height of the pulley, adjust the slider inside the slide to the required size, and fix it with a screw.

When the bending wire phenomenon occurs in the process of debugging rebar cutting machine, we can adjust the angle of the lower straight block to see if it is in a straight line with the straightener and roll groove. When there is a broken wire phenomenon, we should first check whether the angle of the straightening block is too large, or whether the knife can not be retreated, whether the pressure spring on the wire is too loose and the material is not good. When the equipment is running, the operator will check whether the spring is too tight, the pull spring of the slide is too loose, or the steel rod of the slipway is not reached, and the slide way is not slid.

In addition, in the concrete debugging process, the operator should strictly check whether the wiring connection is correct, the operating points and the stop control parts are normal and reliable. After adjusting the straightening wheel in the straightening cylinder, we should pay special attention to make sure that the locking nuts on the adjusting bolts not to be loosened, and after closing the safety cover, we can start the motor.
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