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Rebar Bending Machine Must Be Correctly Operated

Rebar Bending Machine Must Be Correctly Operated Rebar Bending Machine Must Be Correctly Operated

When using rebar bending machine, there is a lot that needs your attention. Especially in the summer, when you buy rebar bending machine, we will also provide you with details, but many customers are very reluctant to look at it, so it leads to many small problems that may occur more or less in the using process. Now let me tell you how to avoid these small problems.

Several places of rebar bending machine, such as a core shaft, block, turntable, protective cover and so on,  must be paid attention to check whether it is damaged or not before daily use.

In the operation, it is necessary to insert the bent end of rebar in the turntable to be fixed in the clearance of the equipment, and the other end is pressed by the hand at the fixed place of the fuselage and then check whether the fuselage is fixed. During the use, we must strictly process rebar whose diameter, quantity and speed of the work exceeding the stipulation of machinery.

Remember to clean the site maintenance equipment and power off after the operation of rebar bending machine, and the cleaning site and maintenance equipment must be in the work after the power cut. I believe that if you produce rebar according to our explanation, then your rebar bending machine equipment will not have many small problems.
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