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Processing Process Of Reinforcing Cage Welding Machine Machine

Processing Process Of Reinforcing Cage Welding Machine Machine Processing Process Of Reinforcing Cage Welding Machine Machine

Step 1: Main bar feeding
Shedding, butt welding, the length required for sleeve connection into drawings of the main bar in advance, and then hang on the main reinforcement storage rack to reserve.

Step 2: Plate bar feeding
Hoisting the rebar to the fixing frame, the maximum load is 2Tand the height is 1.7 M. The inner diameter of the upright column can be made into a telescopic type.

Step 3: Main bars are threaded and clamped
The worker shakes the main bar on the circumference of the distributor, at the same time, enter the tube of the fixed disc and the ring plate of the moving disc and clamp the tube inside the moving disc by the bolt.

The disk system is composed of a plurality of disks connected to a fixed disk, and can follow the synchronous rotation motion, the end of the shaft wheel can reduce the rotation resistance.

When clamping, notice the dislocation length of each main tendon, usually about 1 M.

Step 4: Thread through the rebar and fasten by winding
Cross welding the plate bar through the straightening mechanism and the main tendon

Step 5: Welding
Initial welding: at the head of the reinforcing cage, both fixed disk and moving disk can rotate and move synchronously, connect the plate bar side by side around a few times, and then held firmly with the main tendon.

Formal welding:  both fixed disk and moving disk can rotate and move synchronously, the moving disk moves forward at the same time, this plate bar automatically twines on the main reinforcement, welds at the same time, so as to form a reinforcing cage product.

Terminate welding: At the back of the reinforcing cage, the two plate bars continue to surround and the welding is suspended, the plate bars are aligned in a few circles, and then welds the ends of the plate bars on the main reinforcement to complete the welding.

Step 6: To separate reinforcing cage from rotating the disc
Cut off rebars: Moving the disc forward, separating the reinforcing cage from the fixed disc, loosening the bolts of the main rib and the movable disc template, moving the disc forward, and separate the cage from the mobile disk.

Step 7: unload the cage and lower the hydraulic support
Unload, lift or push people down.

In order to prevent deformation of the reinforcing cage due to self-weight, a number of hydraulic support devices should be installed throughout the environment.

The hydraulic components used in our country are durable and have high interchangeability.

Step 8: Move the disk reset and prepare for the next loop

Step 9: Add inner stirrups
Bending of inner stirrups in advance; After the reinforcing cage is unloaded, there is manual spot welding of the inner stirrups inside the reinforcement cage to strengthen the support and prevent the deformation.

Step 10: finished products
This is the processing process of Wire Cage Welding Machine.
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