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Common Fault problems of Rebar Cutting Machine

Common Fault problems of Rebar Cutting Machine Common Fault problems of Rebar Cutting Machine

Rebar cutting machine has been widely used in construction sites, and it is now an indispensable rebar mechanical equipment in many engineering buildings. With the increasing demand for rebar cutting machine, we Yongyi Tongfeng manufacturing enterprises are also constantly refueling efforts to meet the needs of everyone. In order to avoid damage to the enterprise, we will share some experience to avoid the variety of failures in the process of using the blade of the rebar cutting machine, and we hope to bring some help to you.

Analysis of several failure problems of the blade when using the rebar cutting machine:

1. The cutter bed of the rebar cutting machine is easy to form the arc surface. Its main bed is short and the blade ends extend to 22.5MM. Because the blade is too long, it is difficult to overcome the transverse pressure produced by punching, that is, the longer the blade is extended, the greater the pressure on the bed support point.

2. There are no slots in the center of the bed surface of the steel cutting machine. When the blade is replaced, the bed surface, especially the center position, is easy to be stained with carbonized skin and iron chips, so that the blade of the steel cutting machine and the surface of the bed will form a gap. When punching, the blade swings horizontally, and results in the gradual formation of an arch-arc surface on the bed, the blade cracks, and sometimes cutting 6 mm steel bars with constant clamping.

3. When the steel bar cutter lubrication is not good, steel bar cutter blade base will slide up and down and it will be easy to wear, sometimes it will be stuck in the inside be not easy to play down. The main reason is that the two horizontal oil grooves of the knife seat are wide, and the punching cutting is only 5mm. The knife seat of the 20mm bar cutter cannot get enough oil in the middle, especially on both sides, so it can't go round, and the oil consumption is too much.

4. The blade of the rebar cutting machine has a large loss, and the utilization rate of the single blade and double-edged blades is not high. Sometimes a new blade breaks down in less than one or two hours.

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