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Correct Use Rebar Bending Machine to Ensure the Safety of Personnel

Correct Use Rebar Bending Machine to Ensure the Safety of Personnel Correct Use Rebar Bending Machine to Ensure the Safety of Personnel

With the development of science and technology, new products of high technology are emerging in many industries. The rebar bending machine is simple to use and easy to operate. But any engineering equipment has its danger, so we must pay attention to it, today, we will introduce how to use the rebar bending machine correctly.

First of all, before using the rebar bending machine, we must determine whether the power supply has been connected or not, and ensure that the power supply position is safe. After opening the rebar bending machine, we can’t operate it immediately, we should run the test machine first and see if the equipment has an abnormal phenomenon in the operation if there is no abnormal phenomenon, then we can continue to operate it. Then when we are using this machine, the rebar needs to be bent in a fixed gap in the disc, the other end should be close to the fuselage, and the operator should apply one hand tightly to avoid moving back and forth. Rebar bending machine does not change the angle or core axis or adjust the speed, otherwise, it will cause damage to the equipment, and the staff will also be dangerous.

The rebar bending machine has stipulated the diameter of the steel bar, the number of roots, etc. And the diameter of the rebar cannot exceed the diameter specified by the machine. And if several rebars are operated at the same time, the total diameter of them should not exceed the diameter specified on the machine. Generally, rebar bending machine must be used within the prescribed scope, so as not to cause damage to the bending machine, which is also a kind of protection for the safety of staff.

The method of using rebar bending machine is very simple, the operation is easy, but the requirements for the staff are still more. Before the workers work, it is necessary to let the professional staff carry out pre-job training for the new staff, they should point out the details that need attention. After the training is qualified and then they can operate this machine. We should use the rebar bending machine correctly and take the safety of the workers first.
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