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Precautions for Safe Operation of Rebar Shear Machine

Precautions for Safe Operation of Rebar Shear Machine Precautions for Safe Operation of Rebar Shear Machine

I.shear installation and test run of rebar shear

1.Rebar shear machine shall be installed on flat and solid ground.

2. When installing the bearing frame, the center of the bearing frame material groove shall be aligned with the center line of the guide cylinder, the straightening cylinder, the undercut hole or the cutting gear groove, and shall be kept straight.

3.After the installation of the machine, it is necessary to check whether the electrical circuit and parts are damaged, whether the connecting parts of the machine are reliable, and whether the transmission parts are flexible. The test run can only be carried out after confirmation.

4.First, run the machine empty and check whether the bearing (especially the bearing of straightening cylinder), hammer head, cutter or cutting gear work normally. When there is no abnormal condition, the material can be fed, and the straightening and cutting can be tested.

II.Safety precautions of rebar shear machine during operation

1. Select proper straightening block, traction wheel slot and rotation speed according to the diameter of straightened steel bar. The diameter of the straightening block shall be 2.5mm larger than the diameter of the reinforcement, and the width of the traction wheel groove shall be the same as the diameter of the straightening reinforcement.

2. Adjustment of straightening block: generally, there are five straightening blocks in the straightening cylinder. The first and fifth blocks must be placed on the center line, and the middle three blocks can deviate from the center line. First, offset the reinforcement by about 3mm. After straightening, if the reinforcement is still bent, gradually increase the offset until straightening.

3. After cutting three or four bars, stop the machine to check whether the length is appropriate. If there is any deviation in the length, the limit switch or the ruler plate can be adjusted.

4. A steel pipe about 1 meter long shall be installed at the front of the guide cylinder. The steel bars to be straightened shall first pass through the steel pipe and then into the guide cylinder and straightening cylinder, so as to prevent people from being injured when each plate of steel bars is close to the completion of straightening. Stainless steel electrode

5. Before the straightening block is not fixed and the protective cover is not covered, the steel bar shall not be penetrated to prevent the straightening block from flying out and hurting people after the machine is started.

6. Keep a certain distance between the hand and the traction wheel after the reinforcement is penetrated.

7.In the process of steel bar straightening, in order to prevent the environment from being polluted due to the sprinkle of iron oxide scale, corresponding dust-proof measures shall be taken.

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