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The Operation and Precautions of Wire Straightener

The Operation and Precautions of Wire Straightener The Operation and Precautions of Wire Straightener

Wire Straightener. The wire straightener is structured by the high-speed rotor rotation to adjust the angle of the straight wire mold to achieve the straightening effect, and then the wire is twisted forward by the twisting wheel. After reaching the required size, the wire touches the positioning button and advances the runway forward by 5 mm. The upper punch presses the vertical cutting knife and cuts it immediately. The bearing is pressed by the through the pressing plate on th vertical wire cutter, and then the wire is automatically dropped to the wire holder, if you want to change the length, move the positioning button.

1)Application scope of the wire straightener : Jindun wire straightener has the characteristics of reasonable structure, convenient, safe and reliable operation, and is suitable for the wire straitening of chicken cage, rabbit cage, construction mesh, various welding wire, Shule plate cutting wire and special-shaped mesh.
2) Function and characteristics of the wire straightener:

(1) There is no error in the cutting length of the steel bar, (2) double-headed pull type, (3) Straightening till the last meter of steel bar is pulled out, (4) the construction wire is made of tungsten steel mold, (5) the product wire is made of ball end mold. , the straightened steel will not hurt the surface.

3) Working principle of the wire straightener for sale: Firstly, the motor is driven to increase the speed by the belt, so that the straightening cylinder rotates at a high speed, the steel bar passing through the straightening cylinder is straightened, and the scale of the steel bar is removed by the straightening mold; the motor passes another pair of deceleration belt drive and gear reducer, on the one hand, to drive two transfer rollers, pull the steel bar forward, and on the other hand to drive the crank wheel and move the hammer up and down. When the steel bar is adjusted to the predetermined length, the hammer head hits the tool holder and cuts the steel bar. When the cut steel bar falls into the receiving frame, the knife table returns to the original position due to the spring action, thus completing a cycle.

4) Precautions for installation of the wire straightener:

(1) The installation site has a solid and firm drainage system and a reliable equipment foundation.

(2) Warning zones and warning signs shall be set up around the wire straightening and machine processing site, and safety fences shall be set up.

(3) Safety fences and tamper-proof sheds shall be set up in the outdoor places and range of tower crane rotating radius. Electricity shall be used safely and following the standard and zero-connection, grounding and leakage protection devices shall be provided.

(4) The operator should be trained for safe operation skills, and be qualified before being employed.
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