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How to Use Wire Mesh Welding Machine Correctly

How to Use Wire Mesh Welding Machine Correctly How to Use Wire Mesh Welding Machine Correctly

Detailed explanation of the working principle of the wire mesh welding machine

The daily circuit is closed so that the entire closed circuit and the current are equal everywhere; but the resistance in each place is different, especially the maximum resistance at the unfixed contact, which is called the contact resistance in physics. According to the law of thermal effect of current (also called Joule law), Q=I^2; X Rt, we can know that the higher the electric current is, the higher the heat of the part of the resistance is. When the stigma is pressed together with the longitudinal and transverse diameters, a great deal of heat will be released, which makes the longitudinal and transverse diameters dissolve and bond instantaneously.

How to use wire mesh welding machine correctly?

1. Wire mesh welding machine can be welded after water. The moving parts of the welding machine should always be lubricated, and the welding parts should be welded after cleaning to avoid damaging the electrode or affecting the service life of the welding electrode.

2. When the wire mesh welding machine works at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, the compress air should be blown off the cooling water left in the cooling pipe after welding, so as to avoid freeze cracking and freezing damage of the pipe and welding transformer.

3. Wire mesh welding machine should be repaired and maintained after power failure. Operators should wear canvas gloves and girth to avoid scalding.

4. The wire mesh welding machine can not be dampened to prevent leakage. The insulation resistance of the welding machine which is not used for a long time should be checked before using. The insulation resistance between the power input line and the outer shell of the welding machine should be tested by 500V Megohmeter before being energized.

5. There should be no corrosive gases, chemical deposits, corrosive, explosive and flammable media which can seriously affect the insulating performance of the welding machine.

6. The wire mesh welding machine should work strictly in accordance with the rating of the rated load, and the overload is not allowed.

7. The water distributor filter of air source treatment device must be drained frequently. The water level should not exceed the warning line. Otherwise, the water-bearing compressed air will enter the oil mist and solenoid valve cylinder, and it may cause the cylinder of solenoid valve to wear faster and even can not work normally.

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