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Related Introduction to Rebar Processing Machinery

Related Introduction to Rebar Processing Machinery Related Introduction to Rebar Processing Machinery

Rebar processing machinery is to process the wire rod steel and straight rebar into the length size, bending shape or installation components required for the installation and construction of reinforcement engineering, mainly including strengthening, straightening, bending hoop, cutting, bending, component forming and rebar connection and other equipment. The rebar components include reinforcement cage, steel bar truss (such as triangular beam, wall panel, column, girder), reinforcing mesh.

As the skeleton of concrete, rebar constitutes the reinforced concrete, which has become the main material used widely in building structure. Before pouring concrete, the rebar must be made into a framework of certain specification and form and included in the formwork. In order to make the reinforcement framework, it is necessary to strengthen, stretch, straighten, cut, bend and connect the reinforcement before binding. Due to the large amount of rebar, it is difficult to complete by manual operation, so it is necessary to use various special machines for processing. This kind of machinery is called rebar processing machinery, which is called rebar machinery for short.

TJK Machinery (TIANJIN) CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of rebar processing machinery: rebar bending, cutting and bending, grid welding, cage welding, lattice beam and tunnel lining, tunnel segment machine, etc. We have more than 85% domestic market share and operate in more than 102 countries and regions. In TJK machinery, we focus on the needs of customers. Our advantage lies in providing more suitable, flexible and competitive solutions to global customers in a timely manner.

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