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Reason for the Trip of Rebar Bender

Reason for the Trip of Rebar Bender Reason for the Trip of Rebar Bender

The reason for the trip of a rebar bender and cutter. Why does trip occur in the use of rebar bender? Now let's learn about the causes of the trip. There are generally two situations.

Situation 1:

The phenomenon of the trip in the operation process of the rebar bender and cutter machine exists. When the trip phenomenon occurs during the operation, the staff should not panic but keep calm, so how should we do the operation when it is on the trip? When the tripping phenomenon occurs during the operation, first observe whether the circuit breaker is broken or not. If the circuit breaker is not broken, the load side isolation switch should be pulled down first within the protection range of the circuit breaker.

Situation 2:

If the line is out of power, the staff should pull the switch on the load side after the line is cut off, but remember that you should not pull the disconnecting switch beside generatrix. So in the middle may have some damaged parts. When tripping phenomenon occurs, you should look for professional operators to check it.

These are the basic reasons why rebar bender trips.
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