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On the Importance of Safety Management

On the Importance of Safety Management On the Importance of Safety Management

Security is the prerequisite for human survival and development. Everyone is eager for security, everyone calls for security, harmonious development needs more security. In today's society, the high degree of security attention, as many as security, security, the investment may be unprecedented.

On The Importance Of Safety Management

First, strengthen the production safety management, publicity and education-oriented.
To build the first line of safety production must be the safety education as the guide, and increase publicity and education, so that employees truly understand the strengthening of safety education is for themselves, others care,  enhance employee safety awareness, create a new value concept of safety in subtle, create a strong atmosphere of "cherish life, concern for safety," and guide staff from "I want to be safe" to "I want to security" change.

Second, strengthen production safety management, to implement the main line of responsibility.
Life above all else, the responsibility is heavy. Strengthen the production safety management must highlight the responsibility to implement in strengthening the safety awareness of the key role of the staff. At every level, effort at various levels to implement the work so that everyone is responsible for security, duty-bound to form a standard for security, everything was caught long-term mechanism. The responsible person in charge of the workshop, team leaders are responsible, so that managers truly become learning, advocacy, the use of advanced safety management tools and set an example by grasping the safety of the lead, leading staff on the various measures, system standards, regulations accurate Implementation, compliance operations, away from the "three violations" to promote the safety management level of continuous improvement.

Third, strengthen the production safety management, behavioral norms to cultivate as a means.
Standardize and nurture safety behavior to improve the safety of staff quality, safety management is also a key link. Production department should pay great attention to nurture staff to develop good safety learning habits, so that employees do consciously, self-discipline, self-examination. At the same time, strengthen the safety, technical training, pay close attention to safety basic knowledge, safety laws and regulations, safe operation procedures, safety accident prevention and disaster self-help mutual rescue knowledge training, and adhere to the theory and practice, do a good job on-site exercise, make employee master the basic knowledge of the safety of this post, to improve the ability of accident prevention and disaster self-help and achieve "I want to safety" to "I will be safe".

Fourth, strengthen the production safety management, make sure system construction for the protection.
To achieve the final production safety management, education and guidance alone is not enough, while strengthening the training, the establishment of a sound set of safety management mechanism, with the system to regulate, motivate and restrain employee behavior, make sure each element of safety production, safety management and civilized construction is infiltrated into each of the rules, regulations, policies, standards, and requirements so that correct and disciplined actions are encouraged and honored, errors and violations are controlled and punished, and employees are able to feel the safety culture of the system of incentives and constraints. Through the safety management implement more to the system, mechanism, the system becomes a guide to action, so that the correct, standardized behavior became the work habits of employees.

Fifth, to strengthen the production safety management, civilized construction for the promotion.
At present, the economic efficiency of enterprises depends largely on the level of their management level, and the realization of standardized construction of civilization is an important measure of the level of enterprise management and also a comprehensive basic management work that must be carried by a good team in the workshop management.
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