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  • >Employee Birthday WishesOctober 31, 2016Domestic sales of department one: Liu YushengDomestic sales of department two: Bao jinghui, Zhang ZhihuiFinance Department (including warehouse group): Song Huiqin, Zhang HaiyangQuality control depart...view
  • >How to Reduce InventoryOctober 28, 2016Recently, we talk about the most is the high cost of inventory, how to reduce inventory? How to achieve the inventory down to a minimum while do not affect the delivery of the situation.view
  • >The Wisdom of Sell Less Than HalfOctober 27, 2016After World War II, the United States, Maryland, a young man named Aikeer back to his hometown.view
  • >CommunicationOctober 25, 2016On July 9th, 2016, the company organized training on the subject of "communication", which benefited me tremendously and make me learned the importance and skills of communication.view
  • >Do not Let Fluke Mind Stumble YourselfOctober 24, 2016A person are inseparable from learning from small to large, from middle-aged to old age. As the saying goes, it is never too late to learn.view
  • >Grasp Your Own to Meet the FutureOctober 21, 2016Time flies, 2016 has passed half, now is July, which means the second half of the year start.view
  • >The Power of ExampleOctober 21, 2016In the twinkling of an eye the first half of 2016 has passed, the company held a mid-year summary of the General Assembly in July.view
  • >How to Save the Cost of ProcurementOctober 20, 2016First and big focus, and then fell into the details.view