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Do not Let Fluke Mind Stumble Yourself

Do not Let Fluke Mind Stumble Yourself Do not Let Fluke Mind Stumble Yourself

A person is inseparable from learning from small to large, from middle-aged to old age. As the saying goes, it is never too late to learn. In learning, some people often have fluke mind, resulting in poor learning outcomes. In life, we will always meet some problem that must be faced, then lucky appear in my mind.

Some people say: luck can help us out of difficulties. But I want to say: you are wrong, imagination is not equal to reality, in front of you is just a proportional magnified virtual image, it will cover the serious consequences, so you immerse in the "happy", when the right time is arriving, he is like Phantom or the ethereal nothingness, when you then open your eyes, in front of you is just a black hole like the consequences. This is not the result of the success of the thought, then waiting for you is not relaxed and happy.
Do Not Let Fluke Mind Stumble Yourself
Remember, do not have too much fluke mind, because when you have the idea, the causal relationship is accompanying you, if you want to know that fruit, remember that no one can predict the future, all on your own.

In our daily life we should know that when the task stipulates a certain time to complete, it is an agreement. If you unilaterally undermine such an agreement, you should find a way to remedy, rather than find an excuse to find reasons, this would be counterproductive, or some people will take a shortcut or other means, but the results can be imagined. So that anything can not be done by a sprint. Not with fully prepared, even the talented person will appear rush, lose the opportunity.

As the old saying goes, "everything is pre-established." In fact, many cases of life are telling a fact that an appropriate preparation can win a rush of the sprint. Therefore, we must remember that " if there is no process of persistence, even the best sprint master, will only win a moment and come out to lose his whole life".
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