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How to Distinguish Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine and Reinforcement Bar Bending Machine?

How to Distinguish Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine and Reinforcement Bar Bending Machine? How to Distinguish Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine and Reinforcement Bar Bending Machine?

At present, there is a lot of automation equipment for the production and processing of steel bars on the market. The upgrade of new products has prompted the current automation equipment to achieve high improvement in both appearance and performance, among which the rebar stirrup bending machine has been applied well. On the other hand, the stirrup benders are divided into many different types. The most common ones are the reinforcement bar bending machine and the rebar stirrup bending machine. How to distinguish these stirrup benders? The main difference is that the size of the bent steel bars is different, and the price is also different.

1. Reinforcement bar bending machine

The reinforcement bar bending machine can bend steel bars with a diameter of 6-40mm. The steel bar bending machine can bend steel bars with a diameter of 4-25mm. According to common sense, if the reinforcement bar bending machine can bend large stirrups, then it can bend small stirrups. But using the reinforcement bar bending machine to bend small stirrups is a little bit overqualified and the production efficiency is also low. So we should choose the appropriate machine according to the diameter of the steel bar. 

The steel bars bent by the reinforcement bar bending machine are all relatively large, such as pile caps, highway bridges, and large columns. Rebar stirrup bending machine is mainly used to bend stirrups, which diameters are usually 6-12mm, and it can also bend plate stirrups because the size of the plate stirrups is in the range of 6-14mm. The reinforcement bar bending machine is usually used in conjunction with the rebar cutting machine. 

2. Rebar stirrup bending machine

The rebar stirrup bending machine is usually used together with the rebar straightening machine. First using the straightening machine to straighten the coil (round steel), cut the material, and then use the rebar stirrup bending machine to bend the stirrups or slabs. With the continuous updating of the equipment, rebar stirrup bending machines are also divided into various types, namely CNC five-head rebar stirrup bending machine and steel bar straightening, cutting and bending integrated machine. Because the steel bar size is relatively small, the straightening machine should be straightened and then cut , and then bend the stirrups or plate bars. 

At present, because the key technology has not been conquered, the equipment that can cut and bend the rebar at one time has not been invented. Due to the big size of the construction steel bars, all of them are larger than 16mm and the raw materials are 9 meters long, the process will not be as convenient and quick as processing coiled building rebar. Therefore, workers need to lift the iron for cutting off the bending during processing.

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