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Maintenance Method of Rebar Cage Welding Machine

Maintenance Method of Rebar Cage Welding Machine Maintenance Method of Rebar Cage Welding Machine

Rebar cage welding machine is an organic combination of wire rod raw material layout, rebar straightening, rebar winding forming, roll welding forming, and other functions. It adopts digital automation procedures to produce and process rebar cages. It is special equipment for the production and processing of steel cages; Compared with the steel cage made by welding, it saves a lot of workers on-site lashing and welding steps, leading technology, quick construction, and convenient transportation. But after use, it must be maintained regularly. The maintenance method of the rebar cage welding machine is explained below.

1. Check whether the circuit is properly connected and safely grounded and whether a leakage protection device is installed. The equipment uses a 380V 50Hz three-phase AC power supply. Turn on the power, press the start switch, first jog, and then try running for 3-5 minutes, check whether the rollers are running abnormally, and eliminate them in time.

2. Regularly check whether the bolts, belts, and chains at the joints of each part are loose, check the lubrication points, and whether the lubricating grease is sufficient, and apply butter to the bearings and chains in time to make them fully lubricated. The reducer is filled with the mechanical oil specified in the equipment manual. Every 3000 hours of working, the oil should be cleaned and changed in time, and the new oil should not exceed 1.5kg.

3. When making the skeleton, do not leave the newly welded part on the rubber to ensure the appearance quality of the rubber roller.

4. Before starting each time, check for obstacles and dangers and perform winding work after removing them.

5. During use, pay attention to the operation of the machine at any time. If an abnormality is found, it should be shut down for inspection immediately, continue after the fault is removed.

6. After the work is completed, clean up the site, wipe the machine clean, and apply lubricant on the moving members.

7. Repairing, maintaining, and replacing worn parts in time.

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