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How to Deal with Malfunction of Rebar Cutting Machine

How to Deal with Malfunction of Rebar Cutting Machine How to Deal with Malfunction of Rebar Cutting Machine

In the course of use of steel bar straightening and cutting machine which is a kind of rebar cutting machine, there will be some phenomena such as filament breaking and running silk, which will cause great trouble to the workers' operation. In view of the problem above, some countermeasures are summed up.

1. Straightening machine appears bending wire: we should adjust the angle of straightening block, see whether the cutter assembly of the straightener and the roller groove are in a straight line.

2. Straightening machine appears broken wire: when the angle of the straightening block is too large, if the pressure spring on the cutting assembly becomes soft, the knife will not return. If the pressure spring on the wire feeding roller is too loose, the material is not good.

3. Straightening machine appears running wire: if the rolling spring is too tight, the slide way spring is too loose, and the steel bar below the slide way is not in place, then the slide way will not slide.

4. There is a short section: if the slide way is loose with the main pull spring, the tension spring should be adjusted.

5. Machine vibration: we should adjust the balance of the straightening block.

In addition, when we are installing the steel straightening machine, the machine should be first placed on a relatively flat foundation, and it is best to put some cushion, which can prevent the machine from shaking when it is running at high speed. At the same time, we should note that the connection between the main engine and the slide way is best in the same line, and check whether the punch and the cutter are biting each other or not. If they are not biting each other, we should adjust the height of the pulley, adjust the slider inside the slider to the required size, and fix it with a screw.

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