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Development Of Reinforcing Cage Welder In China

Development Of Reinforcing Cage Welder In China Development Of Reinforcing Cage Welder In China

After a long period of painstaking exploration and research, China has developed an independent intellectual property right product. The first company in China to produce a reinforcing cage welder is Nanjing Feilong Company  Cement Machinery Plant, XJGI4 series reinforcing cage welder controlled by the single-chip microcomputer is independently developed and produced by this company. Our country LH series reinforcing cage welder is independently developed by Shandong Serial steel bar processing equipment co., Ltd. At the beginning of 21 century, the series of reinforcing cage welder was adopted on the Wuguang passenger dedicated Line built by the Chinese Railway No.18 Bureau Group Corporation. Until 2008, Jiangsu Huaguang Shuangshun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. absorbed the technical essence of foreign country's advanced equipment, and it is organically combined with the   WR-1 type series of digital controlled and variable diameter reinforcing cage welder, which is independently developed in the market of our country. The whole machine after being combined, the reinforcing cage with different diameters can be produced. Its advantages such as simple operation, a high degree of automation, small occupation area and high welding quality fully reflect the rapid development of the reinforcing cage welder in our country. After absorbing the experience of our predecessors, Yangzhou Zhongyi Building materials Machinery Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Bang Wei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. have also independently developed the reinforcing cage welder, the length can reach 4000mm and the maximum diameter of steel bar can reach φ 12mm.

In recent years, China has done a lot of deep exploration and research on some key technologies and important parts of the reinforcing cage welder and has achieved certain results at present. 602 reinforcing cage welder developed by Guizhou Aeronautical Industry Group Co., Mupu Town, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, successfully trial-produced chrome, magnesium, aluminum bronze as the motor wheel material by the reflective remelting process. This technological innovation has fully achieved the technical requirements of the steel industry, and the cost of the reflective remelting process has been reduced by 2/5 compared. with the traditional electric melting process.Liu Liping, Wu Xiong Biao, in the application of PLC, frequency conversion technology in the automatic control system of cage welder referred that the control system which can be used PLC controller cooperates with the reinforcing cage welder, and then develop jointly the corresponding control software system.

At present, the development space of the reinforcing cage welder is still very large in the domestic market, more and more manufacturers of construction machinery and equipment enterprises have left the investment target in the development and development of reinforcing cage welder forming equipment. Its market industry value also rises step by step. With the continuous innovation and development of science and technology, the product quality of the reinforcing cage welder will be more and higher.
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