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Advantages of Stirrup Bending Machine Replacing Manual Operation

Advantages of Stirrup Bending Machine Replacing Manual Operation Advantages of Stirrup Bending Machine Replacing Manual Operation

In previous construction projects, straightening, bending, cutting or forming rebars were all done manually. But with the development of science and technology, more and more steel processing machinery, which has high precision and high efficiency gradually replaced the manual.

Why can the stirrup bending machine replace manual operation? Let's start with the problem of manual steel processing.

1. Manual straightening of steel bars is slow. The labor intensity is large and the efficiency is low.

2. After the artificial straightening, the ends of each section of rebar must be cut off, and the parts cut off will become waste materials, resulting in the waste of materials.

3. In the process of manual straightening, the length of straightening is difficult to control. This will also lead to material waste when cutting material.

4. The construction space of artificial straightening is large and the length of alignment is about tens meters, which will be difficult to work in urban construction.

5. The bending precision of manual rebar is very low, and the size and angle of stirrups are not good enough to meet the needs of high-precision engineering.

6. It is dangerous to manually bend the rebar and make it form. It may cause harm to the human body.
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