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The Steel Reinforcement Bending Machines is Indispensable in Steel Processing

The Steel Reinforcement Bending Machines is Indispensable in Steel Processing The Steel Reinforcement Bending Machines is Indispensable in Steel Processing

The use of steel bars is often indispensable in bridges, tunnels, housing constructions, and large-scale water conservancy projects,  and steel bar processing machinery is naturally one of the commonly used equipment in the construction process. Ordinary steel bar processing requires bending, cutting, welding, which requires the steel reinforcement bending machines  and other machines.

1. The quality of TJK MACHINERY steel reinforcement bending machines is outstanding in the field

In recent years, with the continuous innovation of rebar processing machinery, TJK MACHINERY has developed and designed more practical rebar bending machines on the basis of traditional equipment, which greatly facilitates moving mechanical equipment and operating devices used at high-altitude, eliminating a lot of difficulties. Mechanical products made by TJK MACHINERY are sold overseas with the quality being strictly controlled. The material selection and production process are completely manufactured in accordance with customer requirements. A series of accessories are checked one by one before assembly, ensuring the super-high brand of the product. It is also the reason why TJK MACHINERY has been leading the industry.

2. What are the key points of using the  steel reinforcement bending machines?

  • The working table and the bending machine table should be kept at the same level, and various mandrels and tools should be prepared before operation.

  • Install the mandrel, forming shaft, iron stop shaft or stopper strictly according to the requirements of the diameter and bend radius of the processed steel bar. The diameter of the mandrel is 2.5 times longer than that of the steel bar.

  • Check the mandrel, stopper, turntable for damage or cracks at any time, and whether the protective cover is firm. It can only be operated after the no-load operation is confirmed to be normal.

  • During operation, one end of the steel bar needs to be bent and inserted into the gap of the fixed pin of the turntable, and the other end is close to the fixed pin of the fuselage, and then press it by hand. Check that the pin of the fuselage is indeed on the side of the steel bar before starting the machine. .

  • During the operation of the steel bar bending machine, it is strictly forbidden to replace the mandrel, pin, change the angle, and adjust the speed, and do not refuel or clean.

  • When bending steel bars, it is strictly forbidden to use more than this machine's regulations on the diameter, number of steel bars and mechanical speed.

  • It is strictly forbidden to stand or perform other operations within the radius of the steel bar bending machine or on the side of the machine body where there is no fixed pin. The bent semi-finished products should be stacked neatly, and the hooks should not be placed upward.

  • When bending high-strength or low-alloy steel bars, the maximum restricted diameter should be converted strictly according to the mechanical regulations, and the mandrel should be exchanged, and it is strictly forbidden to violate the operating regulations.

  • When the turntable turns, it must be done after the steel bar bending machine is stopped, and it is not allowed to directly turn from forward to reverse or from reverse to forward.

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