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Important Matters for the Use of Rebar Cutter

Important Matters for the Use of Rebar Cutter Important Matters for the Use of Rebar Cutter

How can we improve work efficiency while operating a rebar bender and cutter? The emergence of a rebar cutter machine replaced manual processing not only improved work efficiency, but also ensured product quality.

How can we improve the work efficiency of rebar shearing machine? Here are six points for you:

1. Before using the equipment, check whether the performance is good, whether the worktable and the bending machine keep level.

2. Before working, prepare all kinds of tool shafts of the mandrel and adjust the mandrel forming shaft and the iron retaining shaft according to the regulations.

3. Check whether there is any damage on the block and turntable of the mandrel. If there are any problems, deal with them in time.

4. Before processing, rebar cutter machine will run non-loaded for several minutes before inserting one end of the rebar into the fixed space of the turntable.

5. The other end of rebar needs to be pressed by hand, and the fuselage should be fixed to ensure that the security can be started on the side of rebar.

6. During the processing of rebar on rebar cutting machine, it is strictly prohibited to change the diameter, root number and speed of rebar.

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