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Comprehensively and Strictly Administering the Party: an Overwhelming Situation in the Struggle Agai

Comprehensively and Strictly Administering the Party: an Overwhelming Situation in the Struggle Agai Comprehensively and Strictly Administering the Party: an Overwhelming Situation in the Struggle Agai

State affairs cannot be well managed without good Party building. So we must be strict in Party discipline.

Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China, in the CPC central committee with comrade Xi Jinping as its core, from the height of the relationship between the party and the state, it is necessary to make a solemn commitment to make iron, the determination to take the medicine to cure the illness, and to repurpose the disorder. In order to promote the all-round development of the party, the tiger shot flies an irresistible force, and it formed an anti-corruption struggle overwhelming situation, the party spirit is a new one.

In the style of the building as a comprehensive essay strictly

From the construction of style, from the central political bureau, the central eight rules is the solution of the party ruling "tiger eat the day but it does not know where is the mouth".

In December 2012, the political bureau of the central committee considered the eight rules for improving the working style and closely contacting the masses. In the past five years, the party central committee with comrade Xi Jinping as the core has been the lead in the party, The disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels have strengthened supervision and accountability, and vigorously carried out the implementation of the eight provisions of the central committee. To fight the "four wind" problem firmly, and push the climate to produce a fundamental change.

They focus on the holiday and catch early, connect the line, curb "the waste on the tip of the tongue", brake the "corruption on the wheel", and fix "the unhealthy wind in the club". The "Eight rules" has become a well-known political vocabulary of women and children. This stopped once considered difficult to check the unhealthy tendencies, and it overcomes once considered which is quite common for stubborn chronic malaria.

People have seen that the price of moon-cakes and traditional Chinese rice-puddings are almost gone, and the club in the scenic area is rare. The price of the famous tobacco has been curbed, and some upscale hotels have launched a civilian meal. Cadres generally report that they are less paid and more energetic. The masses of cadres feel the real change in one detail.

At the end of June 2017, the national violated the provisions of the central eight mental health problems since more than 170 thousand, and disposed of more than 130 thousand people. On average, there were more than 100 issues that are being investigated every day in violation of the central eight regulations.

Data is the best proof. As of December 2016, 155 thousand and 300 cases of violation of the central eight provisions of the mental problems, discipline violations occurred in 2013 and 2014 accounted for 78.2%. The violations took place in 2015 is about 15.1%; And the violations took place in 2016 only about 6.7%. The gradual reduction of the increment indicates that the spirit of the central government is constantly taking root in the constant and long, severe and real, deep and thin.

Control the party by taking a heavy fist fight against corruption

On December 6, 2012, Li Chuncheng, the former deputy secretary of the Sichuan provincial Party committee, was investigated for alleged serious violation of discipline. This was the first provincial and ministerial level cadre sacked after the eighteen big party, which aroused great public concern at that time. However, this is only the beginning.

On June 14, 2014, Su Rong alleged serious violation of law to accept Organizational Surveys; On June 30, 2014, the meeting of the Central Political Bureau to give Xu Caihou expelled from the party; On July 29, 2014, Zhou Yongkang central decided to initiate the review of serious disciplinary problems; On December 22, 2014, Ling Jihua suspected serious violation of the receiving organization investigation; On July 30, 2015, the meeting of the Central Political Bureau to give Guo Boxiong expelled from the party......Over the past 5 years, the Party Central Committee's determination to fight corruption, courage, punishment, corruption, evil to the thunder of the trend, it refresh people's awareness again and again.

1). The "tiger" free zone. Since the Party of eighteen, as of the end of 2016, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection cadres were registered and review 240, and it breaks the so-called punishment is not the doctor's conjecture;

2). Zero tolerance for shooting flies. The discipline inspection and supervision organs discipline more than 1 million 190 thousand people, it breaks the so-called "popularity" concept;

3). Fox hunting and skynet. We recover the flight staff of nearly 3000 people from more than 90 countries and regions,  and it releases a strong signal, though much will chase;

Temporary solution for the permanent cure, to win time, and the continuous quantitative change will cause qualitative change.

In 2016, the national discipline inspection and supervision authorities received a report on complaint reporting that reported a 17 percent drop in the number of complaint reporting cases.5%, for the first time since the 18th national congress.  And in 2016, under the high pressure, there were 5.7 thousand party members volunteered their questions to the organization. The overwhelming momentum of the fight against corruption has been formed. At the end of 2016, the central government made the latest judgment on the situation, and the goal of the fight against corruption has been preliminarily realized.

The party supervision is the important grip of the party

In the past five years, as an important safeguard of the party, the method of inner-party supervision has continuously reformed and innovated, and has continued to move forward in a comprehensive and undead corner.

1. The shock and awe effect of the supervision is amplified

The central inspection carried out a total of 12 rounds, 277 places and units of the party organization of political examination, the 16 provinces to carry out "look back", the 4 units of "mobile" inspection, the implementation of the party's history for the first time a term full coverage of the central patrol. Each province, district and municipal Party committee also completed 8362 local, departments, enterprises and institutions Party organizations overall inspection tasks. Shanxi corruption systematic collapse, Hunan electoral sabotage case in Hengyang, Sichuan, Nanchong and Liaoning issues clues canvassing bribery case was revealed in the tour. Central Discipline Inspection Commission for examination of the case of cadres in the tube, more than 60% of the clues from the tour. According to the issue of visits and clues, discipline inspection and supervision organs around the filing office, bureau level cadres 1225 people, county level cadres 8684 people.

2. Stare big eyes, elongate ear, the "probe" that station supervises give full play

The central commission for discipline inspection sets up 47 accredited discipline inspection teams, the implementation of the 139 central level party and state organs stationed supervision. To achieve a comprehensive in 2016 after the central commission for discipline inspection of the discipline inspection group stationed a total conversation letter consultation 2600 times, filing 780, given disciplinary 730 people, growth of 134%, 38%, 56% respectively.

3. Resolutely remove the "black under the lamp", so that supervisors are always supervised

By the end of 2016, the central commission for discipline inspection authority conversation enquiry for 218 people, the organization adjustment of 21 people, 17 people initiate an investigation, the national system of discipline inspection conversation enquiry for 5800 person-times, organizations deal with 2500 people, 7900 people.China's communist party discipline inspection organ supervises the rules of work of the commission for discipline inspection (trial implementation), and has made clear provisions for the first time to supervise the entire process and links of the work of the commission.

4. Deepening the reform of the state supervision system so as to promote mutual supervision within the party and state supervision

In the end of 2016, the national supervision system reform, at present, Beijing, Shanxi, Zhejiang three substantial progress was made in reform pilot provinces and cities, and the provinces, cities and county level 3 transference to form a supervisory committee work has been completed. As the reforms are about to be pushed aside, a national anti-corruption agency under the leadership of the party will be able to monitor the full coverage of all public officials who exercise public power.

In order to establish a new system for comprehensive strictly regather

In 5 years, with the continuous development of practice, a series of measures based on the fundamental and long-term focus, and it continues to promote comprehensive strictly from temporary to permanent, from the "pull rotten tree" cure tree "to cultivate a healthy soil, and it builds a good political ecological change.

1. Fasten the cage system, provide the fundamental guarantee for the system of the party

From the introduction of "the Communist Party China self-discipline criterion", put forward the high standard practice of Party members and leading cadres of the party's efforts to amend the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", to draw clear bottom line from the introduction of first party discipline; Accountability regulations, implementation of the accountability system and procedure, to amend the "selection and appointment of leading cadres work regulations", issued "on the cadres to prevent sick promoted" opinions ", to create a complete chain of official governance, strict selection and appointment of cadres......

Over the past five years, with the accelerating pace of the construction of the inner-party laws and regulations and nearly 80 department of party central were introduced or revised laws and regulations, by more than 40% of the existing laws and regulations in the party, party rules, more and more strictly according to the comprehensive.

2. Complement the calcium of the spirit, build a solid foundation for the thought construction party

From the second half of 2013 to 2014, the party's mass line education practice was carried out from the top down.In 2015, we have carried out "three strict and three real" projects in leading cadres at the county level.In 2016, we will fully launch the "two learning and one work" to learn education, and in 2017, we will learn from "two studies and one" to study education normalization......

The past five years, strike while the iron is hot, linked to the ideological and political construction, let the inner-party education from "a few key" to the broad masses of party members, from centralized education to the regular education, party members and cadres more firm ideal faith, discipline consciousness and rules consciousness is stronger.The norms of inner-party political life, the improvement of inner-party political culture and the restoration of political ecology in the party provide a fine environment and soil for the all-round development of the party.

The practice develops continuously, the understanding keeps sublimating.

In October 2016, the party's sixth plenary of 18 research comprehensive governing party, we reviewed and adopted the "about some guidelines of the party's political life under the new situation and the communist party of China inner-party supervision regulations, and we embark on a new journey of comprehensive governing party.

The heart is the greatest of politics, and justice is the strongest force.

The past five years, the great practice of comprehensive governing party to try out a swift and, strengthen the party's ruling foundation, forge a more exuberant vitality and tenacious fighting capacity of the party, the cause of the party and the state of various development provides a strong political guarantee.

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