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Brief Introduction of Processing Process Of Reinforcing Cage

Brief Introduction of Processing Process Of Reinforcing Cage Brief Introduction of Processing Process Of Reinforcing Cage

The 200mn channel steel and L3Qmm angle steel are used to manufacture the bead for drilling pile reinforcing cage welding machine. Channel steel spacing is arranged according to the reinforcing cage bar spacing, channel top surface adopts level gauge to control elevation, which makes its top elevation at the same elevation, three p20 sheets of steel are welded on each channel steel and planted on the hardened concrete floor of the steel working shed, the number of channel bars is determined by the number of rib reinforcement in the reinforcing cage.

Each channel end head is welded to a vertical angle of L30m high in 50 cm at one side of the steel working shed for fixing and fixing rib reinforcement. The two ends of the finished channel are welded with φ 20 steel bar to form a whole. On a fixed channel, according to the number and spacing of the main reinforcement of the reinforcing cage, the positioning card with the diameter of welded reinforcement head on the channel steel shall be located on the same straight line for each main reinforcement of the main reinforcement. Set a pre-top channel at the end of the mold to ensure the finished reinforcing cage top surface is flat.

The reinforced reinforcement bars of bored piles are made with a phoenix reinforcement plate, manufacturing the bid reinforcement of cage welding machine makes sure the cage diameter is the same, it is necessary to make a phoenix reinforced bar first when rebar is made by reinforcing cage, and then put the main reinforcement to the mould, at the same time, ensure that the end of the reinforcing bar supports the channel steel on the side of the end of the placenta and requires that the number of the main tendons of the same section is not more than 50%, main bar welding adopts flash butt welding.

After placing the main reinforcement, the reinforcing bar is bent on the angle steel to carry out the welding of the reinforcing bar and the main reinforcement, the stiffeners are perpendicular to the first two main tendons during welding. In order to prevent the center of gravity of the steel cage in welding from losing stability, a steel wire rope with hook is set up on the reinforced steel bar in the channel steel far away from the angle steel end. After the whole body steel skeleton is finished, the circular steel disk is straightened first, and then the spiral stirrups are wound, the spot welding between main and stirrups ensures 50% welding joint.
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