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Safety Operation Specification for Wire Bending Machine

Safety Operation Specification for Wire Bending Machine Safety Operation Specification for Wire Bending Machine

1. The worktable and the wire bending machine table must keep level and prepare all kinds of mandrel and tools.

2. According to the requirements of the diameter and bending radius of the processing steel bar, the mandrel, the forming shaft, the iron retaining shaft or the variable gear rack should be installed. The diameter of the mandrel should be 2.5 times of the diameter of the steel bar.

3. If there is no damage and cracks after the check of the mandrel, and the shield is fastening and reliable, the protective cover is reliable and reliable. After confirmation, it can be used.

4. The steel bar should be tightly attached to the baffle. Note that the position and direction of the plug should not be staggered.

5. During the operation, one end of the steel bar is inserted in the gap of the fixed pin of the turntable. The other is close to the fixed pin of the body, press the hand tightly to check whether the body is fixed to the pin and ward off the side of the steel bar. Then it can operate.

6. During operation, it is strictly prohibited to replace mandrel, pin, change angle and speed regulation, and not to refuel or clean.

7. When bending steel bar, it is forbidden to exceed the diameter, root number and mechanical speed of the steel bar specified by the machine.

8. When bending long steel bars, there should be someone to hold them and stand outside the bending direction of the steel bar. And cooperate with each other and do not drag.

9. Changing the direction and bending can prevent collisions. Replacing plugs, refueling, and cleaning must be carried out after the machine stops running.

10. When bending high-tensile steel bar or low content alloy steel bar, the maximum limit diameter should be converted in accordance with the rules of the mechanical nameplate, and replace the corresponding mandrel.

11. When bending steel bars, it is strictly prohibited to stand within the radius of the machine or stand inside the body without a fixed pin. The finished semi-manufactures should be stacked neatly and the crooked hook cannot be upwards.

12. When the turntable is changed, it must be carried out after it has stopped.
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