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Transportation And Hoisting Of Cage Welding Machine

Transportation And Hoisting Of Cage Welding Machine Transportation And Hoisting Of Cage Welding Machine

1. Transportation of cage welding machine Horizontal transportation of reinforcing cage uses a flat plate car, and fastens the reinforcing cage to narrow fastening. The crane is  vertical transport, and it sets three lifting points in the process of lifting light putting.

2. Hoisting of reinforcing cage

(1) Check again whether the reinforcing cage is made in accordance with the design and construction specifications before hoisting.

(2) The main reinforcement of the cage is welded by double sides lap welding, the length of the lap joint is ≥ 5 d (d is the diameter of the steel bar). Bending angle of welded steel bars is less than 4°, ribbed on the same straight line (and not injured by welding) the main reinforcement of the cage is first stuck on the stiffener, after the whole steel bar is adjusted and straightened, it can be welded to ensure the straightness of the main reinforcement.

(3)Reinforcing cage slowly hoisted to the hole,  the reinforcing cage skeleton is slowly hoisted into the hole under the support of the operator. When the skeleton enters the hole, the dirt and debris should be removed from the skeleton, the deformed or moving hoop bars should be repaired, and the solder joints that have been welded should be rewelded or bound. The upper and lower reinforcing cages must be in the same vertical line during welding. When hoists the reinforcing cage, in order to shorten the time of hoisting reinforcing cage, three welding machines are set up to weld simultaneously. At the top, there are four reinforcing cage positioning bars. The length of the steel bars is calculated by measuring the height of the orifice, and then located welding is correct after checking. Two parallel channels are inserted under the top hoisting ring of the reinforcing cage, and the whole cage body is supported on the sleeper on both sides of the top of the guard tube, channel steel laid across the sleepers, in this way, the steel bar can be prevented from colliding and falling into the hole, and the reinforcing cage can also be prevented from floating.
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