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Detailed Discussion on the Market Demand of CNC Stirrup Bending Machine

Detailed Discussion on the Market Demand of CNC Stirrup Bending Machine Detailed Discussion on the Market Demand of CNC Stirrup Bending Machine

Along with the increasing use of steel bars in the construction industry, there are more and more stirrup processing equipment springing up in the industry. The CNC stirrup bending machine has become a nobleman in steel processing machinery and is very popular. It has been widely used in this industry. And it is mainly used in the stirrup bending process of cold rolling hot rolling of steel bars, construction, bridges, tunnels, prefabricated components and other project.

Reinforcement processing. The efficiency of the automatic stirrup bending machine is even higher, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and liberating more manpower. The improvement of production efficiency is inseparable from the quality of the machine. The quality of the stirrup bending machine also determines the level of production efficiency. Good equipment not only performs better in the bending operation, but also easier to maintain and preserve, reducing downtime and improving work efficiency.

In the construction of the building, a lot of steel hoops are needed. Because of the different structures, the length of the steel bars to be used is different, so it is necessary to use the machine to carry out a series of processes to ensure that the steel bars can exert great performance. Automatic CNC stirrup bending machine:

1. Support two-way bending, can bend shaped stirrups, is currently the domestic high speed type.

2. Allocated with manual traction mechanism to make the first feeding of steel bars more convenient.

3. Adopting imported servo motor, super power, self-test and self-repair, stable and reliable.

4. The graphics library can store tens of thousands of different product shapes, suitable for mass production of a variety of products.

5. Suitable for large and medium-sized steel bar processing plants.

6. The loading system is equipped with two pay-off racks, which can be used for single-line and double-line processing, with automatic control brakes to achieve performance optimization.

7. Control system. This machine adopts foreign mature control system with high reliability. The control system has automatic fault recognition and alarm function.

8. The graphics library can design up to hundreds of angles of any shape of the stirrups and contour graphics, can store more than 10,000 different product shapes, and set up a graphics library, so that multiple varieties can be produced in mass production.

9. Adopting real-time control system, can adjust the feeding speed, bending speed and bending angle during the device operation according to the size of the stirrups, thus to make the operation more humanized.

10. The control system adopts the divisional step speed control, which has the curved gear position and the material shifting position, so that the equipment will not deform the finished products due to inertia when it processes the relatively large size stirrup.

When there is no CNC machine, people can use simple machinery to make stirrups, but the efficiency is very low. With the increasing use of stirrups in the building construction, the traditional work methods became more and more unable to meet the requirement for production. At this point of time, the CNC stirrup bending machine was born, its high efficiency and good quality of bending have been sought after by many manufacturers.

Generally, the opportunities for stirrup bending exist in two places, one is a construction site, and the other is a stirrup processing and distribution center. The CNC stirrup bending machine is one of the essential production machines for steel processing enterprises. Because they are professional organization for processing steel bars, the requirement for the performance of machine is very high.

 Wire Bending Machine

The straightening system of the full-automatic CNC bending machine and stirrup bending machine has the following features: two sets of straightening rolls automatically adjusted horizontally and vertically, combined with 4 traction wheels, driven by servo motor to ensure good straightening precision of steel bars.

Among them, the steel bar processing machine and the CNC stirrup bending machine belong to a structure of steel bar bending machine.
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