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Matters Needing Attention In The Processing Of Reinforcing Cage

Matters Needing Attention In The Processing Of Reinforcing Cage Matters Needing Attention In The Processing Of Reinforcing Cage

1. Check the steel bar of cage welding machine specification, rank and quantity carefully before discharging, draw a list of ingredients, according to the ingredients list of the material to discharge after without errors.

2.  Before it bending molding, the steel bar should be cut off according to the required length of the matching table. Before the steel bar is cut, chalk is used to mark the length of the material on the steel bar according to the list of ingredients, when cutting, cut the mark at the edge of the knife and place the steel bar in the slot to cut it off.

3. The steel bars of the same size should be matched according to different length and length, so as to arrange the materials; it breaks long material first generally, then shorts hopper to reduce short head and loss. Avoid short scale measures long material, prevent accumulative error, mark out dimension and scale on the workbench, and set baffle for controlling cutting size. During the process of cutting, if there are a split, hostel or severe elbow, it must be removed. After cutting, the fracture of the steel bar must not have horseshoe shape or bending, and the deviation of steel bar length should not be greater than ±10 m.

4. Steel welding before welding, the steel bar should be rusted, straightened, scrubbed and oily before processing, and the length of the steel bar should be calculated according to the drawing section before the steel bar discharging, and considering the position of the welded joint, it is ensured that the forming steel can satisfy the welding requirement, at the same time, it must do the lap welding test of the steel bar lap joint, which is qualified before the formal welding, the welder must hold the post-certificate for construction.

5. Flashing butt welding is used for welding between main reinforcement and joint to joint, when the end surface of the main bar is flat, the "hot flash welding" is used; if not, it uses "flash- hot flash welding".

6. The steel bar is processed on the operation platform, and the position of the spiral bar is painted on the main reinforcement to ensure the accuracy of the construction, bend to one side at the end of steel to be lap welded on the steel working platform to ensure that the welded steel bar axis is consistent. Spiral spins must be close to the main bar, not suspended, and welding connected with the main bar of 50% spot.

7. The reinforcing cages which are processed and formed are placed separately, marked separately, cushion square flat below and adds the wooden wedge on both sides of the reinforcing cage to prevent the reinforcing cage from rolling and deforming.

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