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Operating Procedure of Rebar Mesh Welding Machine

Operating Procedure of Rebar Mesh Welding Machine Operating Procedure of Rebar Mesh Welding Machine

1. The rebar mesh welding machine must be used and managed by specially assigned person;

2. The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance, operation and maintenance methods of the rebar mesh welding machine, and can operate the machine only after being trained;

3. Check whether the fasteners of the equipment are loose, and whether the chain wheel, gear rack, gearbox and moving track are lack of oil;

4. Check whether the switch of the electric control box is sensitive, safe and reliable, and whether it is abnormal;

5. Check whether the metal shell of electrical equipment has solid and reliable neutral (ground) protection.

II. In operation:

1. Close the power switch to supply power to the grid welding machine;

2. Check whether the network pulling platform is at the starting position. If so, carry out the third step. If not, adjust the network pulling platform to the starting position. At the same time, the network pulling controller must be adjusted to the HP2 position and confirmed;

3. Turn the "grid control switch" and "grid control switch" to the closed position;

4. Put in the diameter wire;

5. Press the "start" button to start the spindle motor;

6. Turn on the "governor" switch and turn the "governor" button to make the machine rotate;

7. Turn the machine to put down the first weft, and then turn on the "mesh control" switch, the machine will automatically weld; pay attention to timely install the weft into the weft placement device.

8. After the machine is welded, turn off the "welding net control" and "pulling net control" switches, turn the speed regulating button to "off" and press the brake to stop the machine;

9. Remove the mesh and thread it into the diameter wire for the next welding mesh;

10. Press the "return" button to return the mesh platform to the starting position;

11. Repeat steps 6-10. Work normally.

III. after operation:

1. When the work is finished, cut off the power supply and lock the power cabinet;

2. Check and maintain the rebar mesh welding machine.

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