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Knowledge of Small Automatic Rebar Bending Machine

Knowledge of Small Automatic Rebar Bending Machine Knowledge of Small Automatic Rebar Bending Machine

Knowledge of small automatic rebar bending machine:

1. The control system adopts high performance imported PLC and high-definition touchscreen, which is easy to operate and responsive.

2. The mobile host adopts imported servo and creative position control mode to improve the repeatability of positioning accuracy.

3. The imported servo is adopted for the sending host, which ensures the accuracy of the rebar.

4. The wearable host track with proprietary technology is durable and the host can walk quickly and smoothly.

5. The telescopic bending shaft realizes the bidirectional bending of the rebar to facilitate the rapid processing of complex graphics.

6. The processing of multiple bars can be completed at one time, and the work efficiency is improved.

7. It has a graphics database, pre-stored multiple graphics for customers to choose from. Another graphics editing system enables users to edit and store their own.

8. The processing process is highly automated, the processing of walking and bending automatically is completed without manual participation, which the safety has been improved.

9. When bending different reinforcement specifications, the replacement of bending shaft and bending spindle is simple and convenient.

10. The rolling feeding platform can carry a large quantity of raw materials, which is convenient for loading and saving.

11. After editing and downloading the screen graphics, the length of raw material can be automatically displayed to facilitate operation.

12. Adopt the model of integral hoisting, workers can move it without dismantling, and it can be installed easily. It is suitable for fixed site production or It is suitable for fixed site production or frequently changed sites or the sites which are frequently changed.

Automatic NC bending center overturns the traditional manual stirrup processing technology, and it replaces the traditional mode of steel processing each link decomposition. The steel bar bending hoop machine can automatically quickly complete the work of straightening steel bar, fixing ruler, bending hoop, cutting off. It avoids the error caused by each artificial breakdown, guarantees the processing precision and quality of the finished product, and promotes the overall quality of the construction project actively. It saves the time of manual use and solves the problem of working difficulties: the full automatic NC machining mode has higher efficiency and stability, and it can replace 20-30 steelworkers under the same steel processing capacity.

Knowledge of Small Automatic Rebar Bending Machine
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