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The Introduction of Wire Straightener Maintenance Procedure

The Introduction of Wire Straightener Maintenance Procedure The Introduction of Wire Straightener Maintenance Procedure

After using the wire straightener, the machine's step and work surface should be cleaned up, which is beneficial to the next using process of the wire straightener. There will not be too much deviation for the machine that could lead to unnecessary loss due to the accumulated impurities.

The first step in the repair process is to disassemble the wire straightener, clean the parts, and check each part if it is damaged. The second step is to check whether the center bearing and gear of the wire straightener deviate. Finally, it is the mechanical parts of the wire straightener to be repaired, which includes checking whether the inner belts of the wire straightener and the small parts such as bolts can function normally. Each step of the inspection work is basically inseparable from the cleaning work of the machine, so no matter what kind of machine, the most critical and basic method in the machine repair process is to take cleaning as the premise, it can be said that cleaning is the fundamental point to the maintenance of the machine, it is only after the cleaning is well done that the next step of maintenance operation can be carried out.

During the maintenance process of the wire straightener machine, the gear oil should be poured into a clean bucket to allow it to deposit. After the repairing, it can be injected into the fuel tank for reuse. After the repair is completed, apply lubricating oil and rust preventing oil to the necessary places. The work surface is preferably painted to prevent dust from entering the inside of the straightener to cause inconvenience to subsequent using process.

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