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Wire Mesh Welding Line Gas Cutting

Wire Mesh Welding Line Gas Cutting Wire Mesh Welding Line Gas Cutting

1) When doing the welding and cutting work, especially when cutting gas, sparks, molten beads and iron slag splash around (larger beads and iron slag can splash 5m away from the operating point at the site) due to the use of shrinking air or the radiation of oxygen flow, When there is flammable or explosive material or gas in the working condition, fire and explosion disorder may occur.

2) In the high-altitude welding and cutting work, the inflammable and explosive materials within the limits of falkes were not cleaned up, and the working personnel threw the welding head in the course of the obligation. And they did not carefully reflect on themselves whether the kindling material could be left at the site after finishing the work.

3) In the course of gas welding and gas cutting, the acetylene generator was not placed in accordance with the requirements of the rules. The safety devices for welding (cutting) torches, rubber pipes and acetylene generators were not reflected before the obligation. 4) Spreading of workpieces such as the butt welding of strip, profile, wire, steel, rail, boiler steel, oil and gas transportation.

5) Butt welding of ring-shaped workpieces such as car rims and bicycles, butt welding of motorcycle rims, butt welding of various links.

6) Component welding which butt welds the simple rolled, forged, stamped or machined parts to be the complex parts to reduce costs. For example, the butt welding of the car's tendency shaft shell and the rear axle shell, the butt welding of various types of connecting rods and tie rods, and the butt welding of special components.

7) The wire mesh welding line can throttle down precious metals and improve product function. For example, the butt welding of the duty part (high speed steel) and the tail part (medium carbon steel) of the tool, the butt welding of the head of the internal combustion engine exhaust valve (heat resistant steel) and the tail
(structural steel), butt welding of the aluminum and copper conductive joints, etc. .
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