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Clearly Requirements for Prefabricated Building

Clearly Requirements for Prefabricated Building Clearly Requirements for Prefabricated Building

It can save resources, reduce dust, solve building quality problems... There are many advantages to develop a prefabricated building. However, a comparative analysis of 48 demonstration projects in the province shows that the cost of the prefabricated building construction is 5 to 10 percent higher than that of traditional buildings. Will this part of the higher costs be passed on to property buyers, and lead to higher prices? Some industry experts say that as the scale of the prefabricated building scale increases, the construction costs will be gradually decreased, and thus Nanjing has introduced a matching incentive policy.

The construction cost, the prefabricated type will be two hundred or three hundred yuan per square meter

Yesterday, the reporters came to visit the construction site of the Pukou talent apartment, where there are two apartments which were built with prefabricated, the beams, columns, staircases, floors, wall panels, balconies...... They were completed in the factory prefabricated line prefabricated production, and then transported to the construction site classification and installed in batches. The two 19-story high-rise buildings have a total construction area of 35 thousand square meters, and the precast concrete components reached 51.66%, and then calculated the doors and windows, integrated bathroom, and so on, the overall prefabricated rate reached 71%.

However, the prefabrication of prefabricated buildings is high and the cost of construction will increase accordingly. Wang Shengming, who has presided over the construction and development of the multiple prefabricated buildings, he told the reporters that in 2010 Shanghai Zhangjiang project, with a pre-production rate of 24%, it increased the cost of construction by 300 to 320 yuan per square meter. In 2011, the pre-production rate of a project in Beijing was 55%, and the construction cost per square meter increased by about 450 yuan, and the increase was mainly due to the cost of the prefabricated components and the design cost. He said, since 2014, as the country forthcoming about prefabricated construction technical specification, we have improved the degree of the standardization of design and construction and the intelligent component production technology at the same time, so the construction cost is decreasing gradually. Now, prefabricated construction compared with traditional architecture, the construction cost increases about 200-200 yuan per square meter.

Water-saving control dust-free, the invisible "economy" cannot be ignored

There are three main reasons for the relatively high cost of the prefabricated building construction. The researcher of the provincial industry office analysis the reasons, first, it is still in the preliminary stage of promotion, and the production scale is not enough; Secondly, the integration of design, construction and project management is not enough; Thirdly, the construction units and the construction workers are not proficient in the prefabricated operation proficiency. Taking the largest prefabricated building in the whole province as an example, the second phase project of Ding Jiazhuang, because of the real integration of design, construction and project management, the construction cost per square meter is only 70 yuan more than the traditional building.

Han Jianzhong gave the reporter another account, the water saving of the "prefabricated type" can reach 80 %, and it could control more than half of the dust. The construction waste generated by traditional construction sites would be buried in landfill at a cost of more than 100 yuan per ton. The "savings" should not be neglected in modular architecture".

Government subsidy and prefabricated the scale expansion, the cost is controllable

So far this year, there have been 97 land transfer plots in the city that have clearly defined the requirements for prefabricated building related indicators, the total construction area is about 13.45 million square meters, of which 41 have been completed. In the first half of this year, there were 38 prefabricated projects in our city, and five of them were completed.

Xu Hongfang, the deputy research officer of the construction department of the municipal industry office and the municipal construction commission (construction development department). Currently, there are seven enterprises in Nanjing to carry out prefabricated building component production, and the prefabricated components can reach 3.2 million square meters of total annual output, which can meet the market demand. By the end of this year, the city will add another 2 million square meters of pre-fabricated production capacity as more companies join.

Will the increased cost of prefabricated housing be passed on to the person who buys the house? The recent introduction of Nanjing city on the development of prefabricated buildings has clearly defined two incentive policies. According to Xu Hongfang, the government has awarded an award of 2% of the total construction area to the above ground level, the free land transfer fee is equal to the cost of the construction. Therefore, the promotion of prefabricated buildings will not increase the price of home sales, and the prefabricated building is promoted step by step. The current large-scale use is the combination of the current and precast, the cost increase is controllable.
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