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Notes of Wire Cold Rolling Machine

Notes of Wire Cold Rolling Machine Notes of Wire Cold Rolling Machine

Cold rolling's work roll is an important part of the cold rolling mill, the grinding quality directly affect the quality of plate and strip. So for grinding, grinding performance operation level and so on all have more strict requirements.

The cautions of cold rolling work roll grinding machine:

1. The cold rolling machine's roll surface scratches
(1) Avoid grits out between grinding wheel and roll; Thus cause scratches.
(2) Pay attention to clean the cooling liquid. In order to avoid caused by the impurity of coolant between grinding grain or scrap into the grinding wheel and roll, cause scratches.
(3) Pay attention to check the wheel face, avoid scratches caused by individual convex grind grain.
(4) Pay attention to the grinding wheel abrasive try not to choose bigger brittleness, because of abrasive easily broken, avoid caused roll surface scratch.
(5) Pay attention to avoid uneven hardness or low grinding wheel, the grinding wheel during grinding roll is easy to fall off, can also cause roller surface scratches.
(6) Be careful not to select granularity is the too coarse grinding wheel, otherwise can also cause roller surface scratches.

2. The cold rolling machine's roll burn
(1) Does not choose too much hardness of the grinding wheel as far as possible, lest cause roll burns.
(2) In the process of work, pay attention to the transverse feeding is too big, easy to cause burns caused by longitudinal feeding speed is too fast.
(3) As far as possible do not choose to recover superfine grinding wheel, especially the coarse-grained 46 ~ 80 mesh, such after fine finishing, especially easy to cause roll burn.
(4) Do not choose the too blunt grinding wheel, because of its cutting ability is poor, can also cause roll burns.
(5) Pay attention to the placement of cooling fluid nozzle, if not properly placed, can cause the cooling fluid can't go into the grinding zone, or only partially enter, roll burn.

In the process of actual work, due to grinding with grinding machine performance and technical level of the operator, roll neck round to beat have the very big difference, so we only according to the actual situation, constantly summed up better and more suitable processing methods, to meet the production requirement. In addition, due to the replacement of a cold rolling machine is more expensive, so we need to correct the standard operation method, extend the service life of roll as far as possible.
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