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Classification of Rebar Processing Machinery

Classification of Rebar Processing Machinery Classification of Rebar Processing Machinery

There are many kinds of rebar processing machinery, which can be divided into four categories according to the processing technology: strengthening, forming, welding and prestressing.


1. Rebar strengthening machinery: mainly including rebar cold-drawing machine, rebar cold-extruding machine, rebar cold rolling and twisting machine, cold rolling ribbed rebar forming machine. Its processing principle is to apply force beyond its yield point to the rebar to produce different forms of deformation, so as to improve the strength and hardness of rebar and reduce plastic deformation.


2. Rebar forming machinery: rebar straightening and cutting machine, rebar cutting machine, rebar bending machine, rebar mesh forming machine, etc. Their functions are processing and shaping the raw material rebar and the rebar framework required for the installation of various concrete structures.


3. Rebar welding machinery: mainly including rebar welding machine, rebar spot welding machine, rebar mesh forming machine, rebar electroslag pressure welding machine, which are used for welding in rebar forming.


4. Rebar prestressed machinery: mainly including stretching machine and button head machine composed of Electric oil pump and jack, which are used for prestressed rebar tensioning work.

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