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English name of the Exhibition: INDO ICON & BIMEX + KONSTRUKSI 2016
Date of the Exhibition: November 9, 2016-November 11, 2016
Exhibition cycle: Once a year
Official website of the Exhibition:
Scope of exhibits: Earth-moving machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, hoisting machinery, aerial work machinery, forklifts and industrial vehicles, pile drives and  non-excavating machinery, construction tools and systems, construction site construction, steel prestress machinery, renovation machinery, building material machinery, mining machinery, rock drilling machinery and start-up tools, parts and accessories. Engineering contracting and services.

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Eight reasons to enter Indonesian market
1. Population - With a population of 245 million, its population ranks first in Southeast Asia and the fourth in the world, so the consumption potential is great.
2. Tax concessions - Indonesia belongs to countries under China - ASEAN Free Trade Agreement, and many products have low import and export tariffs or are duty-free.
3. National policy - In the past two years, China's rapid growth in the amount of investment in Indonesia is higher than the sum of the previous five years. The loan from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to Indonesia also increases year by year.
4. Location - Indonesia is at the crossroads of Asia, Oceania, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, radiating the ASEAN market of 600 million people.
5. International status - Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia as well as the only Southeast Asian country in OPEC.
6. Growth potential - The IMF expects the ASEAN economy to grow by 5.4% in 2016.
7. Bilateral trade - In 2015, Indonesia imports from China amounted to 30.462 billion US dollars.
8. Development prospects - China and Indonesia have established the goal of expanding bilateral trade to the US $ 80 billion by 2016.

Brief introduction of the Exhibition: In September and October 2013, during his visit to Central Asia and Southeast Asian countries, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed a major initiative to build the "Silk Road Economic Belt" and the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" (hereinafter referred to as "One Belt and One Road"), and received great attention from the international community. The cooperation priorities of "One Belt and One Road" include: 1. Seize the transport infrastructure construction, and facilitate international transport. Promote the port infrastructure construction, and smooth land and water transport channel. Expand and establish civil aviation cooperation platform and the mechanism to speed up the upgrading of aviation infrastructure. 2. Smooth the trade. Strive to study and solve the problem of investment and trade facilitation, the elimination of investment and trade barriers, and build a good business environment between regions and countries. Actively build the free trade zone with countries and regions, stimulate and release cooperation potential, and make great achievements through cooperation.

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia, the world's major emerging economy, and the place preferred by Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Along with "One Belt and One Road", Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank aims to promote Asian infrastructure and interconnections, deepen regional economic cooperation, and achieve common development. Indonesia attaches great importance to the proposal of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,  and has actively supported and participated in the preparatory process. The investment direction of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank fits well with Indonesian development strategy to strengthen maritime infrastructure and promote interconnections. During the banquet of Indonesian bankers, Indonesian President said that since the reform and opening-up policy, China has rapidly developed into a world power. Indonesia should learn from China's development model and attach importance to the important role of infrastructure construction and direct foreign investment in economic development. China is not a capitalist country but has the courage to open the door to foreign capital. Therefore, Indonesia should make more effective construction plans in the investment field, reduce fuel subsidies and use the money in growth-promoting infrastructure construction such as roads, power plants and dams. Besides, support the monetary policy with national finance, maintain financial stability, and make Indonesia a prosperous and powerful country.

The Exhibition is supported by the China Chamber of International Commerce, the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia, the Indonesian Public Works Department, the Indonesian Architecture Federation and the Indonesian Chinese Chamber of Commerce. In addition to continuous media coverage in Indonesian public and professional media,  there will be continuous outdoor advertising in urban areas of Jakarta. Through efforts of the Chinese officials and the Indonesian officials, achieve point-to-point buyer invitation, strive for providing more engineering machinery and building materials enterprises with a better platform to enter Indonesia and ASEAN markets, and providing new growth points to Chinese enterprises in the new economic situation. In addition, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia and the National Construction Services Development Agency of Indonesia will participate in the exhibition, while organizing a large number of Indonesian state-owned project contractors, builders and the construction side to participate in this exhibition, so participation of these government agencies and enterprises will offer point-to-point support to Chinese enterprises. For relevant enterprises, please seize the business opportunity, have the courage to carry out international technical cooperation and exchanges, take advantage of the exhibition platform to fully display and promote their products, and strive for more products entering the Indonesian market.

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