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Key Points in the Use of Rebar Cutting Machine

Key Points in the Use of Rebar Cutting Machine Key Points in the Use of Rebar Cutting Machine

Now the rebar cutting machine on the market has been improved through a few years, now the equipment that we can see has been more fully functional. In addition, the performance and quality of the machine have also been improved. What key points should be grasped in the process of using such equipment?

1. Before using this kind of equipment, the relevant staff must check whether the blade installed with the equipment is in conformity with solid standards. Besides, we should also observe whether the gap is suitable.

2. We should also check the transmission system of the equipment and whether there is lubrication in the moving parts. Before the beginning of the production, it is necessary to test run without load for a period of time. After confirming that there is no problem, the operation can begin formally.

3. The horizontal clearance between the fixed blade and the movable blade on the rebar cutting machine must be kept within the prescribed limits. In addition, the overlap of the two blades should be determined according to the diameter of the rebars we need to cut off. When the diameters of the rebars are different, the clearance between the two blades should be adjusted by increasing or reducing the pads behind the fixed blades.

4. When the rebar cutting machine is in operation, the relevant operators should use their hands to grip the rebar which needs to be cut off. This can avoid accidents of varying degrees.

5. If the diameter of the rebar exceeds the specified standard of the cutting machine, or the composition of the rebar is not in conformity with the specified rebar, it can not be operated on the cutting machine.

6. During the operation of the steel bar cutter, it is strictly forbidden for the staff or other personnel to use their hands to clean the debris and chip on the blade.

7. If the staff found abnormal sound or bad tightness in the operation of the equipment, the operation should be stopped immediately and the maintenance should be carried out. After the trial run, if we can make sure that there is no problem, we can continue the work.

8. Before using the rebar cutter, it is necessary to carefully check the oil level of each part of the equipment and whether the rotation direction of the motor meets the standards.

9. Relevant operators are advised to wear insulating gloves in accordance with the standards when they are overhauling, operating and cleaning the rebar cutting machine.

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