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How to Save the Cost of Procurement

How to Save the Cost of Procurement How to Save the Cost of Procurement

First and big focus, and then fell into the details. To consider the quality of suppliers, timely delivery rate, transaction price, volume discounts, after-sales service, etc.
How To Save The Cost Of Procurement

1. Learn to check price; regardless of the procuring any kind of material, to be familiar with its pre-purchase price composition, understanding of suppliers finished products, and the source of raw materials prices so as to make the foundation for accurate checking price.

2. The source of information should be wide. Use electronic equipment, through different aspects of the collection of materials procurement information, regional differences.

3. Select the supplier for the company's development; a good supplier can follow the company's common development, the company's development advice, cost savings, management from the supplier is easy. Management brings a lot of trouble with the wrong supplier.

4. The importance of bulk purchases, anyone knows the truth, the greater the volume, the lower the cost of amortization, procurement personnel must be good at it.

5, eliminate waste; eliminate the waste of collaboration between people, to eliminate the waste of space and space, to eliminate the wrong waste, eliminate the waste of poor thinking.

6.The effective control of procurement of inventory, to avoid the risk of stagnation of production and the risk of the backlog of material, virtually control the company's procurement costs.
Integrate the control of purchasing costs into performance objectives, metrics, target values, and action plans.
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