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Wire Cage Welding Machine

Wire Cage Welding Machine Wire Cage Welding Machine

Reinforcement cage is used more and more in the construction projects, the traditional manual made steel cage is a waste of time and labor, low efficiency, there is an urgent need for automatic or semi-automatic reinforcement cage equipment. It can be widely used in steel processing plants As well as pile construction and construction units. E series CNC steel cage molding machine is high accuracy designed and manufactured. It's used for drilling pile reinforcement cage processing, cage diameter range 800-2500 mm.

① Wire Cage Welding Machine has advanced technology is introduced from Europe, lots of parts have patent for invention, the high efficiency also high endurance and humane designings are safe and reliable;

② Wire Cage Welding Machine is made of high precision of PLC control, LCD display is easy for operating, have mighty graphics library, it is able to communicate with management software;

③ Electric-Resistance-Welded in use, energy conservation and consumption reduction;

④ Rebar cages welding machine: cage diameter 600-2000mm, maximum welding efficiency is 70 points/min;

⑤ TJK Wire Cage Welding Machine has been sold nearly 1000 pcs around the world.

  • Pile Cage Welding Machine HL1500E-2

    Workable with cage diameter 800mm-1500mm, fulfill different requirements:1. Single longitudinal with single or double spiral wire;2. Double longitudinal bar with double spiral wires Pile Cage Welding Machine HL1500E-2
  • Pile Cage Welding Machine HL2000E

    The machine can automatically make the cage which is be done manually before, makes the whole processing much more simpler, greatly increase production and quality. Pile Cage Welding Machine HL2000E
  • Pile Cage Welding Machine HL2500E-X

    Resistance welding being used which speed is faster than traditional welding method by 50%, it doesn't need wire and gas which are needed by carbon dioxide welding, energy and cost saving and increase efficiency; Pile Cage Welding Machine HL2500E-X
  • Pile Cage Welding Machine HL1500B-X

    HL1500B-12 Pile cage welding machine for cylindrical piles with welded spiral and programmable pitch Pile Cage Welding Machine HL1500B-X
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