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What To Do While The Wire Straightener Malfunction

What To Do While The Wire Straightener Malfunction What To Do While The Wire Straightener Malfunction

The normal operation of mechanical equipment relies on the support of various parts. When there were problems occuring in some parts, the operation of the equipment will fail correspondingly.

For the wire straightener, there is a precondition for any straightening and cutting work, that is, feeding. Feeding is also carried out by the wire straightener itself, but in this previous step, there are often many problems, the common ones are not feeding or slow feeding.

There are many reasons for this failure, and here is a brief analysis of the cause of the failure. First of all, there are some special reasons, such as material stuck or power off. These are not related to the wire straightener itself, instead it is caused by objective factors. Of which the common ones are the off key status of transfer sprocket or the falling off of the chain. If you encounter this kind of situation, just check it and re-fix it properly is ok. The rod wheel in the feed box may also have a chance to fall off, and the treatment way is the same as the former one, but it should be replaced if it is damaged. The pre-adjuster is too stressed, which may have something to do with the point of force during operation, it can be solved as long as the right position is found. In addition to these problems, the feed wheel may also happen to be unable to hold the material. You can try to adjust the amount of material or directly replace it with the larger feed wheel.

The above are the reasons for the feeding failure of the reinforcing wire straightener and some coping methods.
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