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A Customized Device For You -- Smart Wire Bending Machine

A Customized Device For You -- Smart Wire Bending Machine A Customized Device For You -- Smart Wire Bending Machine

Nowadays, wire bending machine manufacturers can be seen everywhere while good wire bending machine manufacturers are not common to see, and a custom-made wire bending machine can be rare. What is custom-made? As the name implies, custom-made means to be able to create a cost-effective and high production efficient machine equipment according to your needs. Smart wire bending machine is a kind of highly intelligent mechanical equipment that can be customized for you, so what are its specific functional advantages?

1. Smart wire bending machine has a high degree of automation. It can be input hundreds of geometric processing graphics in advance (or graphics compiled by yourself). Set the required processing dimensions at will, and you can use all kinds of graphics freely.

2. A perfect combination of steel straightening, ruler, bending hoop, cutting and other functions, truly realize a multi-purpose function.

3. Smart wire bending machine only needs one person to operate, and its capacity reaches 1800 hoops per hour, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor cost.

4. Double line work can achieve efficient operation and improve production efficiency.

5. Adopt servo control system, servo motor and servo driver of high quality, cost performance ratio. With high precision and low failure rate, and realize automatic and continuous bending forming process.

6. Rib Function - The equipment is equipped with pneumatic back-thrusting device, which is energy-saving and environmental friendly, can process floor ribs, stiffeners and other round. The equipment is equipped with 6 meters standard accessory rack, and the size of the receiving rack can be worked out according to the customer's condition. Make a multi-function machine come true.

7. Smart wire bending machine is equipped with coupling machine, can save a manpower, the equipment can be operated with only one person.

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