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TJK Force to Boost the Rapid Development of Shenzhen PC Industry  

TJK Force to Boost the Rapid Development of Shenzhen PC Industry   TJK Force to Boost the Rapid Development of Shenzhen PC Industry  

Recently, TJK won the bidding of a project called PC parts factory rebar processing line of a Shenzhen company. The project includes intelligent rebar open mesh welding robot, intelligent steel truss welding robot, intelligent reinforcement bending robot, intelligent steel automatic shearing robot, etc. The contract amount is over millions of yuan.

The PC industry is an inevitable trend to realize the transformation and upgrading of  construction industry. The traditional PC industry is low in science and technology, time-consuming and arduous. With the increasing shortage of resources, rising costs and deteriorating ecological environment, especially the current situation such as the inability to eradicate quality problems and the frequent occurrence of unsafe accidents in construction sites, it is necessary to refactor the industrial chain and carry out the industrial revolution to the entire PC industry with modern manufacturing mode, to realize the standardization of architectural design, production of components, mechanization of construction, and scientific management of organizational management, and ensure the improvement of PC labor productivity and its overall quality of the construction , shorten the construction period, reduce the consumption of resources and energy, and eventually to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry. 

Over the years, TJK has been closely following the pace of times, specially developed the complete set of intelligent reinforcement processing equipment with the assembly building phase, and applied for a number of national patents. Up to now, nearly 200 patents have been invented, making it one of the four enterprises which has invented more than 100 patents in Tianjin, contributing to the upgrading of China's assembly building industry. 

In the background of the "Intelligent Manufacturing in China 2025", TJK has always insisted that "China creation" should influence the world. At the same time, our company closely follows the relevant national policies, continuously develops intelligent steel processing equipments which adapt to the market and meet the market’s demand , improves the work efficiency, develops user's lean management level, and successfully wins extensive trust from customers of China railway system, China construction system and nuclear power building system. TJK achieves the rapid development . 
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