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Employee Birthday Wishes

Employee Birthday Wishes Employee Birthday Wishes

Employee Birthday Wishes

Domestic sales of department one: Liu Yusheng
Domestic sales of department two: Bao jinghui, Zhang Zhihui
Finance Department (including warehouse group): Song Huiqin, Zhang Haiyang
Quality control department: Li Peng
Information Department: Yang Junjie
Human Resources Administration Department (including canteen): Zhang Gaowa
Technology department: Wang Jiangtao, Pan Zhihong, Zhang Huiliang
Intelligent sheet metal manufacturing: Mu linsen, Hou Zhaolei, Cai Mengchuan, Ma Qingxue
CNC precision machining centers: Yin Liang, Zhang Guosheng
Automatic bar equipment manufacturing department two: Han Jifeng
CNC bending hoop equipment manufacturing department two: Fan Baowei, Ding Lei, Li Jingchen
Automatic welding equipment manufacturing department two: Chen Yonghui

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