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Advantages of Automatic Welding Machine

Advantages of Automatic Welding Machine Advantages of Automatic Welding Machine

Automatic welding machine is a very important machine in the wire mesh welding line.

The advantages of the fully automatic welding machine:

1. The welding machine adopts imported pneumatic components with a famous brand, so the service life of this machine is long, the precision is high, the pressure is big, and it can make the solder joints strong.

2. The new type of high efficiency welding mesh transformer is adopted in the welding transformer, which can be divided into eight grades, and the range of welding wire diameter is enlarged. The electrode block with professional design has low wear rate and can be used on many sides.

3. The network control system is controlled by computer programming, and the spacing between transverse bars is infinitely adjusted. And through the program setting, the hole distance can be changed. There can be many kinds of horizontal bar spacing on the same mesh.

4. The control system adopts PLC programming controller, touch screen. The operation interface is convenient and the working way is simple.

5. The blanking system adopts patented technology. It can drop singly, drop material by rolling barrel, and it does not need manual placement.

6. Welding network is widely used, and it has been widely used in industrial and civil buildings, floor, roof, wall, bridge, concrete pavement, ground, airport, cement pipe, concrete prefabricate, retaining wall, mountain slope protection, tunnel, wharf, dike and so on.

The specific parameters of full automatic welding machine:

① The width of welded wire mesh is 2500mm, and the diameter of welded steel bar is 5mm-12mm.

② The distance between the diameter of the wire≥50mm and can be adjusted arbitrarily.

③ The spacing of the weft holes is 50--600mm.

④ When the welding transformer is air cooled, the power is more than 1500KVA, which can be pressed at once and graded.

Use of models:

The downhole support for production coal mines can be made of mesh, the welding diameter is 4mm~7mm, the mesh size is *2 meters *6 meters, generally it can be customized according to needs.
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