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Using Instruction of Large Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

Using Instruction of Large Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine Using Instruction of Large Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

1. Adjust the straightening block. There are five straightening blocks in the general straightening cylinder of wire straightening and cutting machine.The first and fifth straightening blocks must be placed on the centerline, and the middle three can be off centerline. First, shift the steel bar by an offset of about 3 mm. If the reinforcing bar still has a slow bend after the straightening test is run, the offset can be gradually increased until it is straightened.

2. After cutting off the three or four steel bars, check whether the length is appropriate. If there is any deviation, adjust the limit switch or the length fixing plate until it is suitable.

3. A steel pipe with a length of about 1 m should be installed at the front of the wire straightening and cutting machine to guide cylinder. The reinforcing bars to be straightened should pass through the steel pipe first, then penetrate into the guiding cylinder and the straightening cylinder to prevent the end of each reinforcing bar from popping out and causing hurt to people when the straightening is nearly completed.

4. Before the straightening block is fixed well and the protective cover is on well, the reinforcing bar shall not be inserted to prevent the straightening block from flying out to injure people after the machine is turned on.

5. Objects are not allowed to be stacked on the wire straightening and cutting machine to prevent mechanical vibrating objects from falling into the body. The steel bar is loaded into the pressure roller, and the hand should keep at a certain distance from the roller . The roller can not be adjusted during the operation of the machine, and it is strictly forbidden to wear gloves for operation.

6. When the steel bar is adjusted to the end, the personnel must get away to keep the swinging from causing injury. Steel bars shorter than 2 m or larger than 9 mm in diameter should be straightened and processed at low speed.
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