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Safety Rules for Wire Cage Welding Machine

Safety Rules for Wire Cage Welding Machine Safety Rules for Wire Cage Welding Machine

The safety operation rules for wire cage welding machine

Wire cage welding machine and pipe pile rolling welder belong to large-scale mechanical equipment.

In the daily operation process, we must operate according to the following procedures, otherwise it will damage the equipment and endanger personal safety.

1. When changing specifications and adjusting slider position, make sure that the bolt is tightened, so as to avoid the slider flying out of the welding process, causing an accident.

2. When the equipment runs abnormally, it should stop immediately to check the cause of the fault, and then start welding again after troubleshooting. All the power supply of the equipment should be cut off in the maintenance or adjustment of the equipment (including the adjustment of the stroke switch and the proximity of the switch position), so that the equipment can be adjusted or maintained, and the adjustment is strictly prohibited under the electrified state of the equipment.

3. All personnel must be kept away from the equipment (including the ring reinforcement system) before the equipment is energized and started. At this time, people can not cross the equipment to avoid danger.

4. In the process of welding, the operator must always pay attention to the operation of the equipment, do not stay away from the equipment and do other work.

5. The equipment must be well grounded. Once leakage of electricity is found in the working process, the equipment should stop and cut off all power supply immediately. After troubleshooting, the equipment can continue to work.

6. The maintenance must be done well. The maintenance of equipment must be done well, the main thing is to do a good job of daily and regular maintenance.
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