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Strong Grasp of Skilled Personnels to Help the Development of TJK  

Strong Grasp of Skilled Personnels to Help the Development of TJK   Strong Grasp of Skilled Personnels to Help the Development of TJK  

Strong Grasp of Skilled Personnels to Help the Development of TJK 1

In order to strengthen the cultural construction, the company has carried out the first session of the staff skills competition, the theme of which is "to improve the skills of the staff members and promote the rapid and steady development of enterprises". 

The competition aims to give full play to the leading role of professional skills in the cultivation of skilled workers, further stimulate the staffs to learn technology, motivate their enthusiasm to learn professional knowledge. It also create conditions and build a platform for the first line workers to consult skills, communicate technology knowledge and display skills, cultivate high-quality workforce with rich knowledge, high skills and innovative spirits to promote TJK’s innovative development of science and technology. 

To further carry out the development strategy of "skills innovation and talent enterprise" of the construction company, based on the principle of "depending on production, highlighting the actual combat, strengthening the skills and improving the level", we provide the talent support for the promotion of service image and realization of cross development. 

By carrying out staff skills competition, we will cultivate a group of high-level operational personnels, and build a talent team with a excellent starting point, strong business, technical and high skills. We will also stimulate staffs to study the technology, improve the enthusiasm of their own quality, enhance the core competitiveness of the company and promote the production and operation of the company.

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