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How to Reduce Inventory

How to Reduce Inventory How to Reduce Inventory

Recently, we talk about the most is the high cost of inventory, how to reduce inventory? How to achieve the inventory down to a minimum while do not affect the delivery of the situation.
How To Reduce Inventory
This is a very serious problem, the performance of large inventory in the following areas:

Issued the goods are not accepted, the cost is still counted in the account of each project team, this situation appeared in each production sector, and the amount is great, in this case, we should strive to get back the acceptance. (Goods issue, acceptance single recovery)

Warehouse inventory, the accounts of each of the production sector are not the same, more than a few million, less also hundreds of thousands, which requires us to often do not have to take stock inventory and communicate with other production departments, you can use as much as possible to consume, and marked the things that can not be used.

Work in progress (finished products, semi-finished products) This phenomenon is concentrated in the performance of order is not shipped, or a pre-cast, leading to large inventories, this phenomenon needs more necessary communication between our production and sales departments, then sales communicate with customers, endeavor to issued the production with acceptance, reduce the finished product inventory.

Although temporarily we are unable to achieve zero inventory, in the case of guaranteed delivery, down the inventory to a minimum, also requires the joint efforts of various departments. I firmly believe that we can do it and can do the best.
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